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Expertise in Medical Device

Sales, Marketing and Distribution

50 years of Selling and Marketing Medical Devices

About Us


Through Kol Bio-Medical's education and training initiatives, we will meet and exceed the implementation requirements to bring new products and concepts into the rapidly changing and evolving Healthcare Industry.

Over the past 50 years hundreds of companies have contracted with Kol to be their sales organization on the east coast. Our direct sales representatives have established relationships throughout acute care centers on the east coast and are highly trained, clinically oriented sales people. We are experts at bringing new products to market by bringing a high level of credibility and being able to gain fast access to customers throughout the hospital/healthcare market. 


We seek to create long term partnerships with medical device companies by being the best sales team for hire in the world. Our goal is to not only build sales growth, but also to build a solid brand that can be very valuable. Kol has helped build some of the strongest medical device companies in the business and still continues to do so after with 50 years of experience.


Kol is not only a high level sales team that can bring your medical device to market but we are also a registered FDA importer and warehousing facility. This allows us to have to have the capacity to manage the entire supply chain and sales cycle for medical devices throughout the entire country. 


Kol can manage any and all aspects of your nationwide sales strategy. Our capabilities include importing (if necessary), warehousing, marketing, and high level sales efforts. These sales efforts not only include having sales representatives aggressively market your products to end users but also includes establishing GPO/IDN contracts, maintaining relationships with JIT suppliers, FDA reporting, and more. We are a complete end-to-end solution for bringing medical devices to the U.S. market.


Our experience as a sales team for 50 years means we also have  50 years of logistics and "box moving" experience in the healthcare market. Many companies have partnered with Kol for all aspects of the supply chain: customer service, warehousing, and pick/pack/ship. 


Our 30,000 square foot facility is located minutes from Washington Dulles International Airport which makes an ideal location for not only U.S. based devices, but international companies wishing to enter the United States healthcare market.


Founded in 1971 in Fairfax, Virginia, KOL Bio-Medical is a specialty distributor committed to bringing emerging medical technologies to the market. We partner with medical device companies that are looking for an outsourced sales and marketing team who can promote new products and present fresh ideas. Together with our administrative staff, our highly trained and experienced sales team has helped pioneer and introduce advanced medical devices to hospitals and clinicians throughout the United States.

Our business model is to seek out and partner with the most ethical and innovative client manufacturers who have a strong desire to enhance the healthcare value chain by improving patient health and dramatically reducing costs in the system. By establishing partnerships with those companies, KOL has succeeded as a singular, innovative entity comfortable in marketing the latest technological advances. Most importantly, our goals are to care for our customers and establish our client manufacturers as market leaders while helping to establish standards of care. Today KOL continues to learn, educate, market, sell and distribute. We have always sought to establish industry benchmarks in ethics, efficiency, customer service and client trust.

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